Get Union Jobs

 Unions give working people a voice at the bargaining table. One common myth is that unions are strong arming the workers and taking their money without permission.  The fact is the union is the workers themselves. There is no evil Oz hiding behind the curtain.  Most of our dues go to Healthcare, Pension, Training, operations and improving ourselves and what we have to offer.  We contribute money on our own accord to help give workers a voice in politics. We do this for our own good and to promote healthy, good paying livable wage, productive American Jobs. Another myth is that union membership is declining. The truth is that the amount of union members has stayed pretty steady since the 1970's but the labor force has grown. So the percentage of union workers has gone down because of the growth in the labor force itself. The reason for this is thought to be because the American workforce has changed from skilled Manufacturing jobs to more service oriented jobs. Although the service industry is currently on the rise with all the fast food chains and Wal Mart workers fighting to unionize.

Here are some things to think about;

  • Collective bargaining raises wages
  • Non-union worker pay is significantly lower in nearly all occupational groups
  • Union workers have better healthcare and pensions
  • Workers incomes are lower in states where workers don't have union rights
  • Unions are good for business, productivity, and the economy
  • Unions help bring low wage workers out of poverty
  • Unions help bring workers into the middle class
  • Some unions offer on the job training and education
  • The 10 states where unions are the strongest have higher earnings, better health coverage, less crime, more civic participation, less poverty, and better schools than the 10 states where union membership is the lowest.​

Live Better Work Union